The AI-Powered Executive Assistant

Give every employee 400 hours extra by delegating admin tasks to AI.

Bring people together in seconds. 

Xena schedules meetings, navigates conflicts, and creates agendas in seconds. No more juggling multiple calendars. 

Why Our Customers Love Us

Tim Prouty, VP of Engineering

"My engineering and product leaders are spending more time collaborating and creating and less time translating their meetings into action items and tickets or managing the necessary follow-ups." 

"Xembly may be the best corporate productivity AI tool I’ve seen — huge impact for me + my team since we deployed last year. AI-based scheduling, summaries, and calendar management is a game changer!"

Phi Vo, COO

"We’ve offered Xembly as a perk for all employees, because offering support for everyday tasks frees us to operate more intentionally. The team couldn’t be happier."

Amy Hutchins, CPO

30-day free trial when you sign up with your Google Workspace account.


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Run meetings like a boss. 

Xena helps everyone be more present by capturing meeting notes and action items for you. No more multi-tasking and forgetting action items.

Get time back every week. 

Xena keeps track of deliverables and finds time for it on your calendar. No more punting or late nights.

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